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A Marketing And Lead Generation Resource For Galleries

Profile Raising And Connecting Galleries With Print Buyers

All of our members share a culture of embracing new and innovative ways of promoting their galleries and studios, as well as the artists and artworks that they deal in. Members recognise that taking a long term approach to sustainable marketing rather than measuring successful marketing based on short-term results, is the right approach to growing their business.


Members realise that having an effective online presence will significantly increase the likelihood of success leading to building long-term relationships with new collectors. Members recognise their expertise is highly valued by collectors and enhancing teir reputation.

The key to your gallery and inventory being known to print collectors is by listing alongside other print dealers on a platform known by collectors to be dedicated to fine prints.


Printed Editions makes this not only attainable, but also in a cost effective way, connecting galleries and print collectors since 2010.

Galleries feel connected as they become members of a community and receive peace of mind that their inventory will be known to new collectors.

Challenges Galleries Have With Marketing & Lead Generation

Galleries may face challenges in effectively marketing themselves and generating leads for various reasons. Some common factors that can contribute to the failure of art galleries in their marketing efforts include limited online presence, ineffective use of social media, failure to adapt to technology, limited marketing budget, lack of clear branding and differentiation, poorly curated exhibitions, inadequate customer engagement, ineffective networking, resistance to change and lack of marketing expertise.

Listing with Printed Editions allows galleries to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of their own marketing and lead generation activities by utilising features on the site that will give them more visibility to collectors.

  • Attract new buyers by benefitting from being promoted to our client-base and social media audiences.

  • Leverage our investment in innovation and technology, and our art partner relationships.

Immediate Results

Being a member of Printed Editions results in:

  • Feature Item 1

    Your online presence will significantly improve.

  • Feature Item 2

    Your profile will increase.

  • Feature Item 3

    You will be introduced to new collectors.

  • Title

    Your inventory will be more visible.

  • Title

    Your reputation will increase.

Your Guarantee

Membership guarantees that your profile, client-base and online presence will significantly increase.

  • Feature Item 1

    Your gallery will be known by more collectors and more dealers.

  • Feature Item 2

    Your inventory will be known by more collectors and more dealers.

  • Feature Item 3

    Online search results for your inventory will significantly increase.

  • Title

    Collectors will enquire about your artworks.

  • Title

    Your client-base will grow.

The Value To You

Printed Editions will connect your gallery and inventory to collectors allowing you time to focus on your own sales and current events. 

Printed Editions will connect your gallery with collectors who have yet to know your gallery, the artists and artworks that you deal in.

Membership Choices

There are three choices of membership available to members depending on their needs.

All choices involve no commission on sales and no contractual tie-ins.

Membership starts from £139 per month.

How would you like to proceed?

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