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You need to list your gallery

In today’s world and going forward, it is absolutely essential that art galleries are highly visible in places where collectors go to search for art prints and artworks.

It is also very important that galleries can be found online in trusted places that specialises in fine prints and alongside other reputable galleries. Printed Editions is one of those key places.

Printed Editions makes it easy for collectors to source fine prints from leading galleries, print dealers and print studios.

If collectors do not know of you, they cannot buy from you.


Proven framework

We help art galleries grow their client-base by generating leads from collectors via our proven marketing framework.

This framework does not involve galleries having to invest any day-to-day time to increase their online presence and exposure, but the best results do come from galleries engaging in some of the available higher value promotional activities that we offer.


What’s in it for galleries?

Galleries will be able to promote an unlimited number of artworks to collectors.

There are no contractual tie-in periods.

There is no commission on sales.

Galleries will gain extra trust from collectors as they receive third party validation by listing with us.

Galleries will be able to collector the contact details from enquiries to help grow their database.

Galleries will receive prompt and personal support from our team.



To enjoy these benefits, subscriptions start at only £129 per month with no other costs. (See Pricing.)


We exist to help grow your business in the long term

 We continually refined our ways of working to meet the changing needs of both our partner galleries as well as collectors.

We suggest you read our Galleries Q & A to make sure you feel Printed Editions would be a good fit to help grow your business.

We are endorsed by many of the world’s leading print dealers and print studios. Read what some of our partner galleries say about us.


Always feel free to contact us with any questions.