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“Online marketplaces outrank art fairs as an impactful way for galleries to meet new clients.”

(The Artsy Art Industry Trends Report 2024)

We understand

We understand that galleries are constantly looking for new clients because there is a limit to which most of their current clients are able to keep on buying new artworks.

We understand that many galleries do not always have the time or in-house expertise to explore new ways to effectively engage with prospective new collectors as they spend the most of their time managing the day-to-day operations of their gallery.

Our understanding comes from our constant communication with gallery owners and managers as well as from our former careers as art dealers.

Galleries ought to be able to focus on working with their artists, sourcing artworks, putting on events and speaking to existing clients without having to spend time constantly seeking new ways of attracting new collectors.

We can help

Over the last 14 years, we have refined our framework to help galleries attract new audiences by implementing the latest marketing best practices in our promotion of both the galleries themselves and their artworks.

This has enabled galleries to leverage from our own continued development of our communications, platform, social media channels, search engine optimisation and ways of working. This leads to their online presence being larger and more effective, increasing the chances of their artworks being found online, lead generation and additional sales.

We maintain long term relationships with many of the world’s leading primary and secondary art galleries and print studios, and also help with many younger galleries and non-profit organisations. 

As official media sponsors and partners, we are endorsed by the London Original Print Fair, Ink Miami Art Fair and the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.


Membership will immediately increase the exposure and online presence of a gallery to new print collectors and other print dealers. Listing on the site will also enhance the reputation and trust of members through third party validation as well as by increasing familiarity with collectors over time.

Membership enhances a gallery’s own marketing activities in a cost effective way and will lead to the generation of new business over the long-term.

Membership will reduce the need for paid advertising on search engine and social media channels as well as in art publications.


Membership does not cost you money, it makes you money.

List up to 5000 prints. No sales commission. No contractual tie-in periods.

Membership starts from only £32 per week (£139 per month).

What’s your next step?