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The Humour Of David Shrigley | Baldwin Contemporary

David Shrigley is a contemporary British artist with an internationally renowned drawing practice. Shrigley’s work is humorous, interspersed with his witty observations and written commentary that satirizes everyday life and awkward interactions.


He works loosely and improvisationally: “It’s not the kind of drawing where you’re trying to get their eyes in the right place, you’re just trying to tell somebody something as directly as possible,” he explains. “It’s somewhere between handwriting and drawing. But then again there are also certain rules to what I do, like I’m not allowed to re-draw or anything and it just is what it is.”


His illustrations has been featured as album art for musicians like David Byrne, Franz Ferdinand, and Bonnie Prince Billy, as well as in the form of large-scale public sculptures, published books, and hand-drawn animations.

Citizens can protest issues of their government, and also love their country. Many of the most important American artist in history have also done the same.  As many times as these artists have expressed protest, frustration, or negativity of the government or country in their artwork, they still express positivity, love, and pride of their country.  Below are some examples of these American artists who have express Pride in America. 

Life Is Fantastic, 2016
I Must Rest Now, 2019
Old Dog, 2021
Stop Panicking, 2021
I’ve Never Seen You, 2020
The Biggest Chilli, 2023