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Clifford Singer at Lincoln Center, New York and Tokyo

It was 1983 in New York’s Soho and business was really moving for Clifford Singer’s art career. After doing research on where Singer could go with his printmaking, he approached Delmar Hendricks, Director of the Lincoln Center Poster Collection. This was not an easy sale to close and Singer continually approached Delmar Hendricks for eight years until 1990, making a phone call on a Wednesday afternoon.

Clifford Singer at Lincoln Center, New York. 1991
Clifford Singer at Lincoln Center 1991. Every Other Window with Robert Motherwell.
Left. Vera List, middle. Clifford Singer. Right. Delmar Hendricks. Director. 1993

C.S. “Hi Delmar! Hi Delmar!, How are you? This is Clifford Singer.
D.H. “Hello Clifford, I was thinking of you and need to come down to your studio.” The next day Delmar arrived and stated:
D.H. “these new artworks make me happy…. We have a new project Mostly Mozart Festival In Tokyo and these works fit perfectly, as I see the rising sun as part of your image. Let me get Vera List and we will be back next week.”

Clifford Singer. Assembled Sculptures. 1991. Charles Cardinale’s Studio
Study for Lincoln Center Poster. Acrylic on Plexiglas. 24 x 25 inches
Stephanie Goldberg. Director. Lincoln Center. 2017
Clifford Singer. Etude In Resonance. 1990. Acrylic on Canvas. 63 x 66 inches

This was the first international poster published by Lincoln Center. Singer worked closely with Charles Cardinale and Joel Sgro who were the production team for Lincoln Center. Singer was instrumental in devising a materials and production plan for the sculpture including personally assembling the 46 pieces. In addition, Singer personally did the lettering on the poster as he is also a calligrapher.

Clifford Singer. Jupiter. 1991. Lincoln Center. Edition of 36

Limited Edition Print

Etude in Resonance, Clifford Singer, Lincoln Center Editions, serigraph, 1991, edition Size: 72, sheet size: 40 x 44 inches, hand signed.