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Quotes by Famous Artists


Quotes by famous artists highlighting different perspectives on art, creativity, and the artist’s journey. 

They express the transformative power of art, the importance of practice and discipline, and the role of artists in society.

Keith Haring
Helen Frankenthaler
David Hockney
Pablo Picasso Quotes
Pablo Picasso
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Josef Albers
Salvador Dalí quotes
Salvador Dalí
Marc Chagall
Edvard Munch
Yayoi Kusama quotes
Yayoi Kusama
Joan Miró quotes
Joan Miró
Damien Hirst
Robert Rauschenberg Quotes
Robert Rauschenberg
Henri Matisse Quotes
Henri Matisse
Alex Katz Quotes
Alex Katz
Jasper Johns