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Robert Rauschenberg Quiz

So you think you know about Robert Rauschenberg?

Mark, 1964, Robert Rauschenberg
Lotus VIII (The Lotus Series), 2008, Robert Rauschenberg
Untitled, 2000, Robert Rauschenberg
Untitled, 1989, Robert Rauschenberg

Rauschenberg was associated with the Neo-Dada and Pop Art movements.

Rauschenberg used silk screens coated with photosensitive emulsion.

Rauschenberg was awarded the National Medal of Arts by the United States government.

Rauschenberg was influenced by his trip to Italy in 1952, where he encountered ancient Roman art and frescoes.

Rauschenberg collaborated with musician David Byrne for the album cover.

Rauschenberg’s collaborator and partner was the artist Jasper Johns.

Rauschenberg used lithography to create the “Booster” series.

The foundation supports environmental, humanitarian, and artistic initiatives.