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Illustrating Infinities – A guest curation by Susan Sheehan Gallery

Illustrating Infinities showcases twelve prints that allude to endless patterns in nature and geometry. From the fractals found in Ellsworth Kelly’s plant lithographs to the game of “cadavre exquis” shown in Jasper Johns’ “Corpse and Mirrors,” this selection of prints may lead your mind’s eye far beyond the pictorial frame.

Starfield, Vija Celmins, Susan Sheehan Gallery
Corpse and Mirror, Jasper Johns, Susan Sheehan Gallery
Infinity Nets, Yayoi Kusama, Lougher Contemporary
Oak VI, Ellsworth Kelly, Winwood Gallery
Woodland Plant, Ellsworth Kelly, Kenneth A. Friedman & Co.
Spider Web, Vija Celmins, Hamilton-Selway Fine Art
Fans Of The World, Ed Ruscha, Bernard Jacobson Gallery
All Points, Ed Ruscha, Kenneth A. Friedman & Co.
The Seasons, Jasper Johns, KIDO Press
Slow Forest, David Hockney, Kenneth A. Friedman & Co.
Los Alamitos, Frank Stella, Shapero Modern
#8 From Attic Series II, Robert Mangold, Robert Fontaine Gallery