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I Am Curious (About Yellow)

A guest curation by Manneken Press.


Yellow is a primary colour with associations poetic, spiritual, musical, natural, medical, such as: the Sun, the Moon, lemons, marigolds, autumn leaves, skin tone, cowardice, optimism, yellow fever, yellow, journalism, jaundice, The Yellow Rose of Texas, mellow yellow, NYC Taxis, Yellow, Brick Road, Yellow Pages, Yellow Submarine and Yellow Ribbon.


The colour yellow inspired this haiku: The low yellow moon above the quiet lamplit house.

– Jack Kerouac


Here are a selection of prints that primarily use the colour yellow.


Array 1000/yellow by Rupert Deese Manneken Press
Array 1000/yellow, Rupert Deese, Manneken Press
Yellow Reversed, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Robert Fontaine Gallery
Gamboge by Jill Moser
Gamboge, Jill Moser, Manneken Press
Illumination, Yellow by Betty Merken
llumination, Yellow, Betty Merken, ebo Gallery
Lightrap Yellow by David Row
Lightrap Yellow, David Row, Oehme Graphics
Innocense (Pleni Luna) by Wifredo Lam
Innocense (Pleni Luna), Wifredo Lam, Grabados y Litografias
Dangerous Liaisons by Rene Ricard
Dangerous Liaisons, Rene Ricard, Petersburg Press
Holy Eggs (Yellow) by Gavin Turk
Holy Eggs (Yellow), Gavin Turk, Manifold Editions
Dimidium by Brian Eno
Uncle Sam (FS II.259), Andy Warhol, Revolver Gallery
In the Year 2020 by Sam Messer
In the Year 2020, Sam Messer, Jungle Press Editions
Yellow Black by Ellsworth Kelly
Yellow Black, Ellsworth Kelly, Susan Sheehan Gallery
MMA-1, Josef Albers, Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art