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Grablegung Triptychon, Hermann Nitsch, MLTPL
Inspired By The Notion That Location Is Everything #1, 2, 3, Jason Middlebrook, Graphicstudio
Bird Sticker, Carlos Amorales, Highpoint Editions
Electric Baloneyland Parts 1,2, And 3 (triptych), Tom Huck, Tom Huck's Evil Prints
Flower Thrower Triptych, Banksy, Baldwin Contemporary
H5 Triptych (Camino Real, Claridges, & Raffles), Damien Hirst, Ransom Art
Lulu Blue 22, Mark Cooper, Center Street Studio
New Dimension (Triptych), Toko Shinoda, Kamal Bakhshi Modern Asian
Open Lands Under Wide Skies, Nancy Friese, Oehme Graphics
Untitled (triptych), Luc Tuymans, Winwood Gallery
Tropical Bounds (triptych), Sara Jimenez, Michael Steinberg Fine Art
Saint Jerome´s Studio (triptych), Norma Mobilon, Galeria Gravura Brasileira
Betty Page Trilogy (triptych) by Marc Lagrange Composition Gallery
Betty Page Trilogy (triptych), Marc Lagrange, Composition Gallery
Bugs; Drugs; Plugs, Matt Magee, Manneken Press
Homage to Monet (Triptych), Alex Katz, Composition Gallery
Miami Deco Buildings [Triptych] – Century, The Wave & Surf by Razzia (Gérard Courbouleix-Deneriaz) Addicted Art Gallery
Miami Deco Buildings [Triptych] – Century, The Wave & Surf, Razzia (Gérard Courbouleix-Deneriaz), Addicted Art Gallery
Paul McCartney, Gered Mankowitz, Galerie Prints
Reichstag Westfassade Triptychon by Christo Composition Gallery
Reichstag Westfassade Triptychon, Christo, Composition Gallery
Untitled (Triptych) by Pit Morell Emanuel von Baeyer - Cabinet
Untitled (Triptych), Pit Morell, Emanuel von Baeyer - Cabinet
Untitled (triptych) by Luc Tuymans Winwood Gallery
Untitled (triptych), Luc Tuymans, Winwood Gallery
Untitled Landscape by Adam Helms Highpoint Editions
Untitled Landscape, Adam Helms, Highpoint Editions