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Johann Christian Reinhart

24 January 1761 Born in Hof, Bavaria
1768-78 School education in “German” school and grammar school in Hof
1778 Study of Theology in Leipzig
1779-82 Art lessons with Adam Friedrich Oeser (1717-1799)
1781 himself Teacher of painting and drawing lessons
1783 Move to Dresden | Classes with Johann Christian Klengel (1751-1824) | Friendship with Conrad Geßner (1764-1826)
1784 Walking-tours through the Vogtland, Thüringen, Saxony and Böhmen | at the end of the year return to Leipzig
1785 acquaintance with the poets Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805), Elisa von der Recke (1754-1833) and Gottfried August Bürger (1747-1794) | Admission to the St. Johannis Lodge Minerva zu den drei Palmen
1786 at the court of Duke George I of Saxe-Meiningen in Meiningen
1787 Journey to the Rhine with Duke George I of Saxe-Meiningen
1789 Travel to Rome with a scholarship of Margrave Carl Alexander | is soon considered one of the most influential German artists in Rome
1792-98 Work on the graphic series Malerisch radirte Prospecte von Italien (Painterly etched vedutas of Italy) together with Albert Christoph Dies (1755-1822) and Jakob Wilhelm Mechau (1745-1808) for the publisher Johann Friedrich Frauenholz in Nürnberg
c.1802 Wedding with roman Anna Caffó
1804 Trip to Naples
1805 Another trip to Naples together with Elisa von der Recke | Visit of ancient
1810 Reinhart discovers the Cervara Grottos in the Campagna, later famous site of the german-roman spring festival of Cervara | Full member of the Akademie der Künste in Berlin
1810/11 Publication of the Almanac from Rome for artists and friends of the fine arts together with Friedrich Sickler (1773-1836)
1813 Admission to the roman Accademia di San Luca
1825 Appointment as royal bavarian court painter
1829-1836 Order for the monumental views from the Villa Malta in Rome for King Ludwig I of Bavaria
1839 Admission to the Munich Academy
December 1839 Anniversary celebration of the German-Roman colony of artists in Palazzo Caffarelli in honour of Reinharts’ 50-year stay in Rome
June 9, 1847 Death of Johann Christian Reinhart in Rome


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