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Anthea Missy Biography

French-born, self-taught artist Anthea Missy began her painting career in 2014 following the completion of a master’s degree in business administration.

Combining her two passions – travelling and creating – Anthea’s art reflects her personal style and motto: “Come as you are”.

Every artwork tells a story and every person she meets and place she travels has an impact on her pieces. She sets out to portray an atmosphere and feeling rather than express specific messages.

Anthea’s work is fluid and smooth embracing elongated lines and patterns, bringing a sense of whimsy to an otherwise urban landscape.

Inspired by the Japanese rules of art ie keep things simple – Anthea’s works are minimalist. A basic background of black or white comes to life with bold colours such as red, magnetic blue or turquoise. In their more complex appearance, her organic compositions convey a strong, ethereal and mystical atmosphere with a dreamy figurative edge.

Emphasis is placed on the Kawaii touch (the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture) in Anthea’s works in Asia. The apparent happiness and positivity of her innocent characters are a blend of motion and femininity.

Influenced by community engagement and numerous personal artistic endeavours, Anthea shares her art where she feels it can make a positive difference.

Described as: “a very feminine woman who paints wearing heels and shorts, scraping dirty walls and splashing paint on herself”, Anthea conveys a strong message about empowerment.

“Life is now. We should all grasp the moment and share it with people. I want to share the energy of life in my work and inspire – to explore the path of self-expression that stirs true happiness.

“When people are enthusiastic, I feel a connection. I want my art to be a catalyst – a reminder of our ability to love and create.” – Anthea Missy

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