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Bruce McLean Biography

Bruce Mclean is a Scottish painter and performance artist who was educated at the Glasgow School of Art in the early 1960s. He then went onto St Martin’s School of Art in London, where he studied until 1966. A life-long rebel, Mclean’s career has been characterised by his refusal to work in a particular style or medium, and his satirisation of the pomposity of the art world. He has worked in paint, print, drawing, sculpture, photography, theatre, film, books and performance and experimented with impermanent materials such as water.

Bruce Mclean often used his own body to express his vision, pieces such as Pose Work, a parody of Henry Moore’s plinths, designed to poke fun, not at Moore as an artist, but the attitudes of the art establishment and ideas of what is considered to be acceptable art. A free flowing and revolutionary creator, Mclean has always directed his artistic life his own way and shown time and again that it’s possible to be successful as an originator and not follow the conventions of the established order. His exhibitions include shows at major European galleries, including The Tate in London, the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford and the Modern Art Gallery in Vienna.

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