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Born in 1987, Calum McClure graduated in drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art (2010).
His drawings, prints and paintings depict country estates, cemeteries, national parks and botanical gardens – places created for man’s solace and pleasure. He thinks about these places as a modern Arcadia; into which people can escape for a few hours every week.
Through a varied use of paint, McClure explores the complexity of images taken from nature that at first look simple. Important in his work is the motif of reflection – challenging the viewer to think about what’s been painted and the tactile nature of the painting process. Recent work takes inspiration from classical music and the idea of the nocturne, combining older imagery such as ripples and reflection with new images of dusk and its particular quality of light.
In 2011, McClure won the Jolomo Bank of Scotland Award for landscape painting. His solo exhibitions include those at the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh (2011, 2013 and 2014). As part of group shows, McClure has exhibited in London, Toronto and Edinburgh.


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