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Daniel Heidkamp Biography

Daniel Heidkamp was born in Wakefield, Massachusetts in 1980.

Throughout his canvases, painter Daniel Heidkamp unites the saturated palettes of the Fauves, the vibrant oil paints and lush landscapes of the French Impressionists, and the observational traditions embraced by Edward Hopper, David Hockney, and Winslow Homer. Interior and landscape scenes dominate Heidkamp’s compositions: Favorite subjects include Central Park, the sun-baked French Riviera, and woodlands and seascapes from the artist’s native New England. Heidkamp straddles realism and abstraction as he privileges mood over faithful reproduction. He uses smooth brushstrokes and saturated hues to evoke a sense of the extraordinary and ethereal in the everyday. The artist has embraced both plein air painting and compositions inspired by his own memories. He has exhibited in New York, Boston, Stockholm, London, and Milan, among other cities.

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