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Diana Copperwhite Biography

Exploring the physical and emotional space, where recognisable images meet abstraction in bright prisms of colour, Diana is internationally renowned for her large-scale oil paintings. Energetic gestures and bold choices are masterfully handled, so that you feel what you are looking at, as well as seeing it and, however long you look, there is always more to see. While the artist herself is keen to keep her immediate influences enigmatic, her Stoney Road suite of prints hint at dreamscapes, or what might lie behind the façade of the everyday encounter.

“Making prints with Stoney Road Press has been a fantastic experience. My evolving practice was stretched and tested, and solutions for unique individual aesthetic and technical problems are ever-expanding, thanks to the team of excellent practising artists, who are also superb technicians. The prints are in synch with my painting practice; on a larger scale, they encompass the painterly language and lexicon that I continue to develop in new and interesting ways.” — Diana Copperwhite

Diana exhibits widely in Ireland and internationally, and her work is held in major public collections, including The National Gallery of Ireland, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art.
His longtime friend, architect Frank Gehry has written of him: ‘Chuck Arnoldi is one of my best friends. I’ve watched Chuck grow over the years through his many iterations – from plastic and ropes, to sticks, to wood, to chainsaw pieces and to painting. He is a prolific artist, and he has made hundreds of works over the time I’ve known him.

He’s also a relentless perfectionist and he gives himself entirely to the art. The best art made is intuitive, not overly intellectualised – it is what it is, and it’s got the passion of the artist expressed through whatever materials are used. It comes into existence almost as a surprise. In Chuck’s case, the surprises have been many. They are often essays in beauty and always engaging’.

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