Fred Becker at The Annex Galleries

Fred Becker was born in Oakland, California in 1913 and raised in Hollywood where his father, Fred Becker, Sr., was an actor in silent films. One of his roles was that of the Black Pirate in the 1926 film The Black Pirate starring Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Drawing was a passion for the younger Becker and in high school he was the primary illustrator and cartoonist for his school¹s paper. Becker’s formal art studies commenced at the Otis Art Institute in 1931 where he was introduced to printmaking about 1933. In the fall of 1933, Becker relocated to New York and registered at New York University in architectural studies. Eugene Steinhof, an instructor at NYU, played an important role in Becker’s early development as an artist. Becker enrolled in Steinhof’s class on form and color and became transfixed by his talents and worldliness. Discovering that architecture was not his calling, Becker transferred to Steinhof’s classes at the Beaux Arts Institute of Design on 44th Street. In his reminiscence of these times.


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