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Gail Brodholt Biography

Gail Brodholt is a painter printmaker who was born and raised in South London and graduated from Kingston-upon-Thames University with a degree in Fine Art in the early 1980s.

Her work has centred on the exploration of the urban landscape, the unconsidered backdrop to our daily lives. Her work aims to bring out the remarkable in the everyday.

‘I’m really interested in those unconsidered and unnoticed places that people pass through. They are on their way to somewhere else, presumably more important whilst on the escalators, on the tube, train station platforms, motorways…. I like the sense we all have that between here and there anything can happen. Although of course it almost always doesn’t. When you are travelling, you are free from normal life with all the anticipation of an adventure ahead of you.’

Gail was elected to the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers in 2007 and is currently serving on the Council as Honorary Curator.