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He Neng Biography

He Neng was born in the Sichuan Province of China and showed his artistic promise early in life. After graduating from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1965 He Neng was stationed in Kunming where he worked producing political propaganda during the years of Maos Cultural Revolution.

He Neng went on to win prizes for his illustration and ultimately, he joined the faculty of the Yunnan Art Institute where he is now a professor. His participation in the acclaimed, “Heavy Colour,” exhibitions in Hong Kong and Singapore resulted in a wider recognition of the Yunnan School.

Acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of the Yunnan Art School, He Neng encapsulates the Yunnan style in his paintings, a mixture of traditional and modern Chinese elements.

He Neng uses a rich colour technique that is a particular hallmark of the Yunnan School. His bright and vivid pieces often reflect China’s mythical past. “I let the brush strokes follow the fluctuation of my thought and emotion; my result is unexpected. I strain to emancipate myself from the confines of the tangible world – I struggle and am never satisfied.”

He Neng has held over 100 exhibitions internationally and is considered to be one of the most esteemed Chinese contemporary artists today.

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