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Horace graduated in 1975 with a degree in Fine Art from Coventry’s Lanchester Polytechnic. Although most of his career has been defined by his involvement in music, art has always been in the frame!

As the bassist with The Specials, Horace has spent lots of time touring. Over the past three decades, this has given him the opportunity to visit some of the world’s best art galleries and to view some of his favourite paintings up close. As well as bringing home piles of laundry, his bags always bulge with new art books which he ‘just had to buy’! His visits to galleries, the art books and hundreds of photographs, have all inspired his current work and influenced its development over many years.

After spending 10 years as the Head of Art in a school for autistic children, Horace decided it was about time he dedicated some of his time to producing his own work. Some of his recent works are based on drawings he did 10-15 years ago which have only just been realised as paintings. With The Specials reforming in late 2009, he had the opportunity to really nail this ambition! It was not until November 2011 that he had his first public exhibition at The Strand Gallery in London.

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