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Jacky Tsai Biography

Jacky Tsai grew up in Shanghai and after completing his BA at the China Academy of Art he moved to London to study MA Illustration at Central St Martins, graduating in 2008. His debut solo show in Notting Hill proved to be a success and introduced him into the London art scene. Jacky Tsai went on to work with Alexander McQueen on his Spring/Summer menswear 2008 collection. Jacky Tsai was in charge of pattern design and created a number of artworks and designs featured on the pieces, which were highlighted by critics at McQueen’s Milan show.

Jacky Tsai combines traditional Chinese painting techniques and references with western Pop Art styles. Clearly influenced by the artist’s move to London from his native China in his early 20’s, Jacky Tsai’s work embraces two cultural extremes by fusing social imagery associated with east and west to produce works which are both conceptual and aesthetically pleasing in equal measures.

Renowned for designing the Floral Skull prints for Alexander McQueen’s collections, Jacky Tsai demonstrates his ability to create a balance between traditional Eastern drawing and contemporary Western art. By embellishing silk fabrics with Chinese illustrations he creates delicate Su-Xiu embroidery pieces, which contrast in form to their detailed surfaces and patterns. Jacky Tsai fuses cultures and imagery alongside technique and textile with an innovative approach to traditional materials to build art on a brand new level.

The dynamic and constantly evolving style, integral to Jacky Tsai’s practice ranges from hard edged, Warhol-esque pieces to natural, bespoke work inspired by his recent collaboration with fashion design brand Irwin & Jordan, to create pieces for their Spring/Summer collection. The design reflects a juxtaposition of both feminine and masculine style. In February 2010, two of Jacky Tsai’s Floral Skulls featured in collaboration with Shanghai Tang, London, UK, which is a prestigious luxury fashion brand established in China.

Jacky Tsai has exhibited internationally including in London, New York, Vienna, Suzhou, China and The Hague, Netherlands.

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