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João de Castro Biography

João de Castro, originally educated in a strict, classical tradition and surrounded by a lively cultural milieu in the 1960s and 1970s, embarked on his photographic career in 1985. By 1994, he had carved out a niche in nude photography, becoming the first Portuguese photographer dedicated entirely to the genre. His work garnered wide acclaim, leading to numerous teaching and speaking engagements and exhibitions.

Between 2005 and 2010, João worked as a consultant for leading brands like Kodak and Adobe, playing a significant role in the digital photography revolution in Portugal. This period was marked by multiple awards for professional merit, confirming his influence and expertise in the field.

João’s ongoing quest for artistic evolution is exemplified in his Minh-Ly Dance series. In this series, he explores the fluid interplay of music and movement, where the non-visible constructs the image. This work departs from traditional photography; it does not capture moments but rather traces the flowing lines of motion in time-distorted expressions. Set in a stark white studio, where light and music guide the movement, each frame of the Minh-Ly Dance series is an intimate surrender to the impermanent dance, where time does not obey but simply happens. This series marks another pinnacle in João’s journey, not just capturing images, but discovering them anew through the lens of his unique artistic vision.

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