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n his teens, Jock McFadyen attended Saturday morning classes at Glasgow School of Art. At Chelsea School of Art, he gained his BA in 1976 and MA in 1977.

McFadyen taught part time at the Slade School of Art between (1980-2005); and in 1981 became Artist in Residence at the National Gallery in London.

In 1991, the Imperial War Museum’s Artistic Records Committee commissioned McFadyen to record events surrounding the dismantling of the Berlin Wall.

McFadyen designed sets and costumes for Kenneth MacMillan’s The Judas Tree, at London’s Royal Opera House in 1992. Here, the artist’s preoccupation with the full-blown landscape – often a serious comment on life in the modern urban environment, and on a monumental scale – emerged for the first time.

In 2005, he and wife Susie Honeyman co-founded The Grey Gallery; working project by project with artists, writers and musicians across disciplines.

McFadyen has had over 40 solo exhibitions. Scores of private and public collections, in Britain and abroad, hold his work.


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