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Schlafender Spitzhund by Johann Adam Klein

Schlafender Spitzhund by Johann Adam Klein

Emanuel von Baeyer - Cabinet (IFPDA)



Edition Size: -

Sheet Size: 13.7 x 17.9 cm


Condition: Pristine

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Perfect impression with large margins.

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The Artist

Johann Adam Klein

25 November 1792 Born in Nuremberg as son of a wine merchant
1800 – 1802 Drawing lessons with Georg Christoph Gottlieb Bemmel
1802 – 1805 Training in the city drawing school of Nuremberg
1805 First experiments with the technique of etching
1805 – 1811 Apprenticeship in the workshop of the painter and graphic artist Ambrosius Gabler | Excursions to the Nuremberg area, the Franconian Switzerland and Upper Palatinate | Artist friendship with Georg Christoph Wilder and Johann Christoph Erhard
1811 In September move to Vienna | Attendance of the K.K. Art Academy | Meeting with boyhood friend Johann Jakob Kirchner | Acquaintance with Martin von Molitor, Joseph Mößmer, Jakob Gauermann and Thomas Ender
1812 Suffering from a major disease | Hike through Styria
1814 Trip to Hungary
1815 Return journey to Nuremberg | Main- and Rhine Travel
1816 Return to Vienna with Johann Christoph Erhard | acts as protegé and mediator
1816/17 Trip to austrian Burgenland and Hungary
1818 Trip to Berchtesgaden and the Salzkammergut together with Friedrich Philipp Reinhold, Heinrich Reinhold, Ernst Welker and Johann Christoph Erhard
1818 in July separation from travel companions | Stays in Salzburg and Munich
1819 in March disease of his brother Georg and return to Nuremberg
1819 in August departure to his tour of Italy| Stay in Zürich with his brother Conrad
1819 Arrival in Rome in December | Reunion with former travel companions and Erhard | Contact with German artists
1820 Trip to Naples | Acquaintance with Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria
1821 in August visits Erhard after his suicide attempt at the friends Johann Joachim Faber house in Olevano | Return to Nuremberg in October
1822 last artistic study trip to Leipzig and Dresden in autumn | end of the travelling years
1823 in February wedding with Julie Friedrike Wüst
1833 Member of the Royal Academy Berlin | Writing of Autobiography
1838 in February wedding with Catharina Isabella Magdalena Wolf after the death of the first woman in 1837
1839 Move to the thriving art capital of Munich
1840 Suffering from severe disease
1848 onset of blindness
Until 1862 last successes, afterwards hardly artistically active any more
1862 on 24. November Honour on the occasion of the 70th birthday with celebration in Munich | Award of the Order of Merit of the Ernestischen Hausorden by Duke of Saxony-Coburg
1869 Stroke with signs of paralysis | Progressive diseases
1875 on 21. May Johann Adam Klein dies in Munich

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