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Rosa by Juan Sanchez

Rosa by Juan Sanchez

Wildwood Press

Mixed Media


Edition Size: Edition Various of 16

Image Size: 48 x48 inches

Sheet Size: 48 x48 inches


Condition: Pristine

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Collagraph/Photolithograph/Chine Colle/ Handcoloring

on Handmade Paper

48”h x 48”w

Edition Various of 16 2007



Rosa Luxemberg b. 1871- Polish by birth, a German by

marriage and a Socialist and activist who was imprisoned

because of her opposition to the German government at

the outbreak of World War I. Following Germany’s defeat

and less than a year after she was released from prison,

she and Karl Liebknecht were arrested and murdered by

German troops in 1919. Karl Liebknecht was memorialized

in Kathe Kollwitz’ iconic woodcut Memorial for Karl Liebknecht.


“Thrice handicapped — a woman, a Pole, and a Jew — Luxemburg

was the most eloquent voice of the left wing of German Social

Democracy, the defender of Marxist purity against all comers,

and a constant advocate of radical action.” Unkown


Juan Sanchez came to the studio in St. Louis to make the

plates, and to proof the first round of images. He arrived

with a copy of the only photograph of Rosa after she was

pulled from the river following her assassination.  The

gruesome image of her deteriorating skull became the

abstracted images deep in the background. The Star of

David with a photograph of Rosa, age nine, is surrounded

by images of a baby (Juan’s daughter Liora). Below are

two outstretched arms – Lifeless? In repose? Angelic?


All of the paper was handmade at Wildwood Press save the

BFK used for the images of the baby. The base paper is a

blue kozo paper dappled with water drops backed with black linen.


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The Artist

Juan Sanchez

Juan Sánchez is part of a generation of artists who in the 1980s to 1990s began exploring questions of ethnic, racial and national identity in their work, be it through painting, video, performance or installation. Sánchez is known for producing mixed media works that address issues of Puerto Rican life in the U.S. and on the island. Sanchez continues to combine painting and photography with other media clippings and found objects to confront America’s political policies and social practices concerning his parents’ homeland of Puerto Rico. Sánchez often addresses Puerto Rico’s battle for independence and the numerous obstacles facing disadvantaged Puerto Ricans in the U.S.

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