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Victoria de Samotracia (Afro-Taina) by Juan Sanchez

Victoria de Samotracia (Afro-Taina) by Juan Sanchez

Wildwood Press

Mixed Media


Edition Size: Edition Various of 16

Image Size: 68h x 43w inches

Sheet Size: 68h x 43w cm


Condition: Pristine

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68”h x 43”w

Edition Various of 16  2000


Sanchez’s work has long been close to my heart (even

though it often speaks a language that isn’t mine) because

of its combination of indigenous mythologies, daily experience

and political resistance. Like art and politics, oil and water,

these elements are said not to mix. Nevertheless, a marvelous

rainbow results – not a slick, but an arc of connections, moving

from the barrio to the homeland, spanning distance and hard times.

Like Sue Coe, Sanchez gets away with outspoken radicalism in art

contexts, trampling taboos against overt political statement with

his Puerto Rican nationalist calls to action. But where Coe’s

strategy is an aggressive insistence on violence against the innocent,

Sanchez is hopeful. He sees down the mean streets to a rich and

colorful future. In 1985 he wrote for the catalogue of a show at

SUNY Stony Brook: “Political art is a medium used as a weapon to

hopefully recapture or regain the positive energy of celebration – to

regain the goodness of humanity.”


Lucy R. Lippard Coming to Life essay from Juan Sanchez

Rican/Structed Convictions at Exit Art New York City 1989

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The Artist

Juan Sanchez

Juan Sánchez is part of a generation of artists who in the 1980s to 1990s began exploring questions of ethnic, racial and national identity in their work, be it through painting, video, performance or installation. Sánchez is known for producing mixed media works that address issues of Puerto Rican life in the U.S. and on the island. Sanchez continues to combine painting and photography with other media clippings and found objects to confront America’s political policies and social practices concerning his parents’ homeland of Puerto Rico. Sánchez often addresses Puerto Rico’s battle for independence and the numerous obstacles facing disadvantaged Puerto Ricans in the U.S.

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