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Karl Hofmann Biography

Karl Hofmann is an accomplished artist with a diverse portfolio spanning over two decades. Hofmann has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan (1998), and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of New Mexico in 2008, where he graduated with distinction. Hofmann’s artistic career is exemplified through a series of solo exhibitions, each showcasing an artistic evolution that includes two and three dimensional work and themes of transformation and existentialism.

From his two distinct installations Shapeshifters and Headspace as the Artist in Residence at the Albuquerque Museum lobby in 2019 to the introspective solo exhibition In the Balance at 516 Arts in 2017, Hofmann’s work is centered on capturing the sublime and epic with mundane materials and mark-making. In addition to his solo endeavours, Hofmann has actively participated in numerous group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, cementing his reputation as a versatile artist working across different mediums. From collaborative installations like Deluxe Redux in Gallup, NM, to transcultural exhibitions such as Uncommon Connections in Shenzhen, China, Hofmann’s work transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.

Beyond the confines of traditional gallery spaces, Hofmann’s artistic vision extends to public projects and murals, including the vibrant It’s All Happening, a large-scale, three dimensional permanent mural in Albuquerque’s City Hall, installed in 2020. His commitment to community engagement and artistic innovation is further evidenced through projects like Colossus, a site-specific installation presented in conjunction with the landmark exhibition Here & There: Seeing New Ground for LAND/ART.

Hofmann’s works on paper serve as a testing ground in his practice at large for explorations of visual language, form and content.

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