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Katie Baldwin is a skilled bookbinder and printmaker. Attesting to the complexity of the human condition, Baldwin says her work β€œis about my confusion between the personal and the political. Daily life intersects with themes of poverty, relationships, culture, national disasters and dumb luck. It is about trying to distinguish the point where policy-making and power at the national level collides with the everyday lives of ordinary people.” Baldwin has had the opportunity to travel and work in many different parts of the world and her experience working as an artist in other cultures has been fundamental to the development of her work. In spite of all the new technologies available, Baldwin maintains interest in the physicality of making artwork. She creates complex images made up of multiple wood-blocks, hand-sets lead type and prints her editions by hand. She says her process is, β€œa physical reminder of limitations, while serving as a direct response to the tactile act of making things.”


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