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Kitsch Doom Biography

‘I want the viewer to imagine the characters are on a stage performing. The work is about the performative aspect of gender roles.
This is not a feminist point of view but rather a view from both a male and female perspective. I combine popular imagery from old Hollywood actors (James Dean & Jean Tierney) to represent traditional roles men and women played in the media and in society.
I also use popular found imagery on Google and I combine these images to make digital collages. I want these collages to express the tension of lingering traditional values and roles in society, in a generation that is rapidly attempting to move on from them.

The hybrid nature of my process is important to note as I make use of very different print processes and combine them in ways that are unconventional, that should not work, but do. I am trying to challenge traditional rules by combining kitsch imagery, humour, illustration in my work, which are not widely accepted in the art world and combining them together to create something new’

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