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Nanami Cowdroy Biography

“To be honest, it was never really a conscious choice or decision for me to be an artist. Its always been something I have done, and is a part of who I am at heart.”

Hailing from a Japanese-European heritage Australian artist Nanami (meaning ‘Seven Seas’ in Japanese) incorporates these influences in her detailed, monochromatic works. Her work is particularly distinctive for the stamp of her name in Japanese characters on a red background that appears on each piece.

Nanami’s work is very much subject based and she is particularly drawn to creatures from the sea, bringing them to life through her fluid line-work and elaborate illustrations. The depth of her work is precise and evocative and the influences of her culture are apparent in bold images like those of the origami cranes she is fond of.

In addition to the illustrative elements of Nanami’s work she has also drawn on the use of ink splashes and washes that tend to throw an element of chaos into her work. The images that result are a medley of distraction, with the eye drawn to different elements through her intricate use of illustration.

“By intertwining complex characters and detailed objects into hypnotic, captivating scenes, my pieces reflect juxtaposition between foreign and familiar entities and environments.”

Nanami has exhibited her works in Australia, the US, Canada and the UK and has worked with global brands such as Smirnoff to create a unique box design for its product.

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