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!!!!! by Rachel Jones

!!!!! by Rachel Jones


Mixed Media


Edition Size: 50

Dimensions: 23 x 28 cm


Condition: Pristine

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UV pigment texture print on canvas with hand-finished edges, mounted onto aluminium

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The Artist

Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones (b.1991, London, UK) works in paint, performance, sound and installation to explore a sense of self as a visual, visceral experience. Her paintings are a site of tension through their kaleidoscopic palette, boldness of competing forms and interplay of textures. The figure is notably abstracted in her works, as Jones is interested in ‘using motifs and colour as a way to communicate ideas about the interiority of black bodies and lived experience’ (Jones, in conversation with Tate curator Nathan Ladd, March 2021). Her expressive use of colour becomes a way of provoking or communicating with viewers, who bring their own lived experiences and cultural backgrounds to the interpretation of her works. This sense of community and shared history comes to the fore in her installations and performances, in which imagery, sound and music coalesce in a celebration of Black culture.

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