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Featured Artist: Fernand Leger

Fernand Leger’s (1881-1955) work pre WWI is best known for his take on cubism, making his cubist works appear to be abstracted.

La Femme et L'enfant  | Denis Bloch Fine Art
La Femme et L’enfant | Denis Bloch Fine Art

After the war, Leger began incorporating ancient art ideals (such as the idea of a voluptuous reclining nude woman/women) with abstract and cubist qualities. His work after the war also showed his favour for the machine. Thus, these works encompassed mechanical elements that were used as a basis for his paintings.

Les Constructeurs  | Masterworks Fine Art Inc.
Les Constructeurs | Masterworks Fine Art Inc.

At the end of Leger’s career, the human figure and working class were his main themes and interests in art. While at the beginning of this artist’s career his work appeared more geometric and abstract, his later work became obviously less modern.