The Certificate of Authenticity – Advice to Collectors

Who can legally issue a certificate of authenticity for a work of art? Well, I can.  After all, I founded and directed a graduate program in art connoisseurship, I’ve published lots of articles on … [Read more...]

Prints “by”, prints “after”:  the difference between “original prints” and “reproductive prints”

Let’s say that Chagall decides to make a lithograph one day (not likely, since he is dead, but this is just an example).  He prepares the stone and delivers it to the printer.  The printer prints the … [Read more...]

Rembrandt Etchings – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Jan Lutma, Goldsmith
Harris Schrank Fine Prints (IFPDA)

Rembrandt Etchings In my initial guides I review some of the basics of print connoisseurship - what fine prints are, and what to look for in a seller's description of them.  Here I'll discuss the … [Read more...]

Advice to Print Collectors – Connoisseurship Matters

Evaluating and purchasing fine prints can be a formidable task, for there are numerous issues to be addressed: authenticity, paper, quality of impression, edition size, re-strikes, signatures, states, … [Read more...]