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Lucian Freud Etchings

British painter and printmaker Lucian Freud is well-known for his self-portraits and portraits of others. Despite being mostly recognised for his paintings, Freud also created a number of etchings during the course of his career.


Lucian Freud Etchings | Portrait Head by Lucian Freud
Portrait Head, 2001, Lucian Freud


Lucian Freud etchings were not created in the conventional way. He positioned the copper upright on an easel and treated the etching plate like a painting. He frequently used the same sitters in both etching and painting, always working from life and meticulously defining their outlines with intricate networks of delicately etched lines. However, Freud’s etchings create a stunning new feeling of psychological tension and formal abstraction thanks to their severely cropped or isolated figures set against white backgrounds.


 Lucian Freud Etchings | Girl Holding Her Foot by Lucian Freud

Girl Holding Her Foot, 1986, Lucian Freud


His distinct aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail can be seen in Freud’s etchings. He was renowned for his ability to capture the personality and uniqueness of his subjects, frequently working from life to give his paintings a feeling of closeness and immediacy. Lucian Freud etchings are notable for their bold, expressive lines, use of light and shadow, and raw, sketch-like look.

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