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Meet the Gallery – Ayton West Gallery

Q1. Where is your gallery based?
Powys, Wales.

Q2. When was the gallery established?


Bundanon Shore by Arthur Boyd
Bundanon Shore, 1994, Arthur Boyd


Q3. What is the history of the gallery?
The Ayton West Gallery was established to dispose of, by sale, the private collection of prints, paintings, drawings and images from the estate of the late Andrew Purches.

Q4. In the early days of your gallery, what are some of the artists, prints or artworks that you dealt in?
Arthur Boyd, Alan Davie and Chloe Cheese.


Eugene Onegin by Arthur Boyd
Eugene Onegin, 1996, Arthur Boyd


Q5. Who are the main artists or art movements that your gallery now specialises in?
20th and 21st century prints.

Q6. If you could invite any three artists (living or no longer alive) to a dinner party, who would they be and why?

So Warhol. Well simply because as a young art lover in the 80’s, during my teenage years, Warhol, quite simply, represented to me everything that was cool. Nothing more to say. Just cool.

Now Basquiat is an interesting artist that I never fully appreciated until I rediscovered his work about 20 years ago. He never appeared on my radar until I watched the rather poorly made, but intriguing film about his life. After that I was hooked. He was one of those brilliant artist that was taken too soon.

I would have to have Delacroix to dinner on his own as any conversation with him would take all the time we had and I would be neglecting my other guests. When I visit his paintings I find my self absorbed within the subject matter. Reading the stories like a book. Truly one of the great romantic painters.


Night Rain by William Tillyer
Night Rain, 1993, William Tillyer


Q7. If you could own any one particular artwork, regardless of value, what would it be (title, artist), and why?

The Liberty Leading The People. Eugene Delacroix. I mean… Have you seen it! Who wouldn’t want it!!
Q8. Who is your favourite artist of all time, and why?
Warhol. Due to a lifelong fascination with the sheer madness that is Pop Art.
Previous Slide 012Next Slide Sharons Amaryliss by Bernard Cheese
Sharons Amaryliss, 2000, Bernard Cheese
Q9. What are some of the recent acquisitions made by your gallery?
Untitled print by François Pont. The Parlour by Richard Bawden. Santa Barbara by Jack Miller.


Q10. What advice would you offer print collectors in building a collection or simply buying prints?
Prints that I purchase either for the gallery or my private collection are all ones I really love. And I would suggest that anyone looking also buys with their heart. Art is a personal journey and should be there to feed the soul, not because it matches the curtains or as a hidden investment. Buy what grabs you, what gives you joy!


Untitled by François Pont
Untitled, 1994, François Pont


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