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Date: 17th June 2015

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Irene Rounick, Partner of Soho Contemporary Art

“They say that if we do something every day, it becomes a part of you. Art and all its influences have become a part of me. Being an active participant in the world of art has given me the power to see the work of artists through a different perspective. Something is still missing. There are simply not enough female artists being championed, and for me, that says quite a bit about the art world. I hope for a new wave of gallerists and curators to come in and change the scenery.  Women are ready to receive the recognition they deserve.

For instance, Jennifer Bartlett is a perfect example of an American female artist whose extraordinary talent and accomplishments have been sadly overlooked. She is overdue for solo retrospectives at major museums. Bartlett’s work has a prevailing conceptual characteristic moving between abstraction and figuration. Her pictorial language and ubiquitous use of squares has pushed the boundaries of what constitutes a work of art. Bartlett is still actively pursuing her vision, leaving the path open for young female artists to flourish.

I am optimistic and believe that female artists like Jennifer Bartlett will receive equal attention in museums and galleries in the near future.” Irene Rounick


Roses Jennifer Bartlett

Roses | Jennifer Bartlett


East West Jennifer Bartlett

East West | Jennifer Bartlett


Conversation III Jennifer Bartlett

Conversation III | Jennifer Bartlett


Conversation II Jennifer Bartlett

Conversation II | Jennifer Bartlett


Conversation I Jennifer Bartlett

Conversation I | Jennifer Bartlett


Kate Moss (Light Blue) Bambi

Kate Moss (Light Blue) | Bambi


Madonna Bambi

Madonna | Bambi


Liz Taylor (Yellow) Bambi

Liz Taylor (Yellow) |Bambi


Randy Sandy Lady Pink

Randy Sandy | Lady Pink


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