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Altered Landscapes – A guest curation by Lower East Side Printshop

“I have always loved photo-based work, and especially prints that use the photograph as a base for exploration. The works selected rely heavily on a photographic image, but use colourisation, hand cut or drawn elements, and layered images to enhance the reality of the scene.


Spanning many decades, the imagery in this group of works is unified by a suggestion of a larger narrative, or story, surrounding the print. Through different techniques, these prints use sparse landscapes as a foundation for imagination. Implied stories in both visual art and film, as well as concept albums in music have always been my favourite kind of works. These artworks have the ability to introduce the audience to a larger world, beyond their physical bounds, and invite the participant to escape to their universes.”


Erik Hougen, Artistic Director and Master Printer, Lower East Side Printshop and organiser of the E/AB Fair.


Dockland 3, Gerd Winner, Gwen Hughes Fine Art
Double Motorcyclists and Landscape (Icelandic), John Baldessari, Composition Gallery
An Icy Night, Alfred Stieglitz, Robin Rosenberg Fine Art
Let’s Keep in Touch, Ed Ruscha, Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art
Afterimage, Tokuro Sakamoto, KIDO Press
Fullmoon, Art Edition, Darren Almond, Taschen
Snowy Night, Manabu Ikeda, Tandem Press
Puerto Rico 2n 3/20, Enoc Perez, Composition Gallery
It Came With Sunlight, Danny Larsen, RedHouse Gallery
Valle de la Luna, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Anemona Editores