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Into The Wild – A guest curation by Woolwich Contemporary Editions

This curation of printmaking celebrates the beauty and diversity of the wilderness. This exhibition features a collection of stunning prints created by talented artists who have drawn inspiration from the untamed landscapes around the world.


Through the medium of printmaking, these artists have captured the essence of the wild. Each print tells a unique story, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural scenery that surrounds us.


As you explore this curation you’ll discover a diverse range of techniques and styles, from traditional woodcuts and linocuts to more contemporary digital prints. Each artist has brought their own unique vision to the theme of the wilderness, creating a rich tapestry of artworks that reflect the rich cultural and ecological heritage of this beautiful world.


Woolwich Contemporary Editions invites you to take a journey Into the Wild with us, and to discover the beauty and wonder of the wilderness through the eyes of these talented printmakers. Whether you’re an art lover or a nature enthusiast, we hope you’ll find something to inspire and delight you in this selection of works.

Untamed I, James Seow, Woolwich Contemporary Editions
Encircle, Sara Lee, Woolwich Contemporary Editions
Loch Ness 2, Barry Flanagan, Bernard Jacobson Gallery
Untitled (flowers), Ashley Oubré, Robert Fontaine Gallery
Caher Island, Norman Ackroyd, Gwen Hughes Fine Art
da Vinci at Monterey, Jim Gmeiner, Oehme Graphics
Sandia 1, Sarah Smelser, Manneken Press
Day for Night, Jiha Moon, Flying Horse Editions
Remember the Sabbath Day, April Gornik, Composition Gallery
Floating World (Rider), Andy Millner, William Shearburn Gallery
Starling 1, Alison Wilding, Royal Academy of Arts
Domain At Arnheim II, Ivor Abrahams, Bernard Jacobson Gallery