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Multiple Print Mediums – A guest curation by The White House Gallery


It takes innovation and mastery to combine print media and create something truly dynamic and multifaceted. These artists take this printmaking to the next level, by blending print mediums, experimenting with techniques, and occasionally finishing these prints off with extensive hand-painting.

The Dream of Rose Tyrien, Jim Dine, The White House Gallery
Shards II, Frank Stella, The White House Gallery
Carnival 02, Maser, Tandem Press
Miss Rockaway Mirror, Swoon, Taglialatella Galleries
Nemrik, Frank Stella, RoGallery
Blue Listening Ear, Howard Hodgkin, Bernard Jacobson Gallery
Year Of The Dog #6, Judy Pfaff, Tandem Press
July, Summer 2014 V, Jim Dine, Osborne Samuel Gallery
La mangeuse de crabes, Joan Miró, Composition Gallery
Zenith Of The Ocean II, Rebecca Horn, Michael Lisi/Contemporary Art
Interior: Zebra With Two Chairs And Funky Fur, Mickalene Thomas, Tandem Press
Halfway Between The Gates Of Heaven And Hell, Dan Baldwin, Harwood King Printmakers