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Stars and Stripes Forever! – A guest curation by Galeria Gravura Brasileira


Stars and Stripes forever! An energetic choice of prints showing joy, rhythm, music and movement. Intense colours and multiple plates in overlap printing. From Pop to contemporary and from sacred to profane. Artists turning reality into abstraction whereas landscape becomes lines and bands. And at the end a human star, actress Marilyn Monroe by the star of Art world, Andy Warhol.

Untitled, Maria do Carmo Carvalho, Galeria Gravura Brasileira
2708m, Dio Viana, Galeria Gravura Brasileira
The Golden Five (from The American dream No. 5), Robert Indiana, Composition Gallery
Standing II, Sean Scully, Michael Lisi/Contemporary Art
Untitled, Donald Judd, Sims Reed Gallery
Horizontal Color Bands and Vertical Color Bands II, Sol LeWitt, Leslie Sacks Gallery
Star Of Hope, Yaacov Agam, Composition Gallery
Del Mar, From Race Track Series, Frank Stella, Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art
The Darkest Hour, Connie Saddlemire, Oehme Graphics
Replay 8, Kate Petley, Manneken Press
Marilyn Monroe, (FS II.30), Andy Warhol, Revolver Gallery
Still Life with Blowing Curtain (Yellow), Tom Wesselmann, Winwood Gallery