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The Master Printer as Artist – A guest curation from Manneken Press


Artists wishing to make prints often opt to work with a Master Printer, a skilled practitioner whose intimate knowledge of the tools and techniques of the medium allow the artist the space to focus on the creative act. This division of labor has a long history, and artists from Bonnard to Jasper Johns have worked with Master Printers in creating their body of works in print.


Each artist approaches making a print with unique expectations and needs. Some artists rely only on the printer’s technical expertise to achieve their desired result, while others welcome collaborative input, suggestions or advice, and the printer must deftly interpret and balance what the artist wants and needs to achieve a successful outcome.


Many Master Printers gained their professional skills by studying art and some are practicing artists in their own right, working in printmaking and other media. This collection of works were made by Master Printers who make their own prints, drawings, sculptures….


Perpendicular System #6, Jonathan Higgins, Manneken Press
Untitled 1, Jonathan Higgins, Manneken Press
Stations Cubed, James Stroud, Center Street Studio
Golden Hour, Sue Oehme, Oehme Graphics
Aquatint Rainbow, Julia Samuels, Overpass Projects
Gamut, for J.H., Andrew Mockler Jungle, Press Editions
Back in the Game, Kip Gresham Kip, Gresham Editions
Spirit of Place II Y, Ann Aspinwall, Aspinwall Editions
Group Therapy, Sarah Smelser, Manneken Press
Jambi 5, Marjorie Van Dyke, VanDeb Editions
Statue of Liberty, Keith Haring, Taglialatella Galleries