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The Edit | The Meaning of Yellow Prints

Yellow prints have been created by many modern and contemporary artists. The colour yellow, which is associated with optimism, hope, and sunshine, has contradictory meanings. Yellow can stand for cowardice and deceit as well as freshness, happiness, positivism, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honour, loyalty, and joy. Yellow that is drab or dull might be a warning sign for disease, envy, and caution.


According to studies, the colour yellow can represent warmth, joy, heightened brain activity, and greater physical vigour. The benefits of yellow include memory activation, communication facilitation, eyesight enhancement, confidence-building, and nervous system stimulation.


Ellsworth Kelly
Robert Fontaine Gallery

Cliché: Japanese (Yellow)

John Baldessari
Cirrus Gallery

Exploding Cell (Yellow)

Peter Halley
Robert Fontaine Gallery

Pumpkin (YT)

Yayoi Kusama
Lougher Contemporary

Bright yellow attracts attention and, when combined with black, makes for one of the most straightforward colour combinations to read and see from a distance. For this reason, yellow and black paint is used on traffic signs, taxi cabs, and school buses.


Yellow is an unpredictable and impulsive colour. It is frequently connected to food and extensively employed in kid-friendly products and kid-targeted marketing campaigns. Yellow is not a colour that should be used when selling products to prominent or affluent men since it is seen as a childlike hue by men.

Untitled (from Hommage à Picasso)

Christopher Wool

Chroma High 3

Jill Moser
Oehme Graphics

Orangutan (FS II.299)

Andy Warhol
Revolver Gallery

Onda I

Robert Kelly
Tandem Press

Yellow can be unsettling if used excessively. For instance, it has been demonstrated that yellow-painted rooms tend to make babies scream more. Too much yellow impairs concentration and makes it challenging to finish a task. Yellow excess can also make people demanding and judgmental. Feelings of loneliness, dread, uncertainty, and low self-esteem are brought on by a lack of yellow. One can become inflexible, crafty, possessive, or defensive when they don’t have enough yellow.


Yellow gemstones are thought to promote mental clarity for making decisions, raise energy, improve attention, and provide relief from burnout, panic, uneasiness, or tiredness.

Red Dogwood I, from: Flowers Portfolio, 2021

Alex Katz
Gilden’s Art Gallery

Wallflower 7

Donald Sultan
Winwood Gallery

Quartet, Yellow

Willard Boepple
Kip Gresham Editions

And Then…(Yellow)

Takashi Murakami
Michael Lisi/Contemporary Art

Different civilizations assign various meanings to the colour yellow. Yellow may be a symbol of peace in some cultures. Yellow was worn in ancient Egypt to represent the deceased. Yellow in Japan is a symbol of bravery. Yellow is the colour of businessmen in India.


Other interpretations of the colour yellow include:


  • – Yellow ribbons have historically been worn by women as a symbol of optimism while they waited for their husbands to return from battle.
  • – Yellow ribbons are still used today to greet loved ones returning home.
    – Someone is a coward if you refer to them as “yellow” or “yellow-bellied.”
    – Mellow yellow is a laid-back and relaxed colour.
    – Yellow journalism is the term used to describe poor or careless reporting.