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Untitled (Swan), 2023, Julia Goeldi

Symbolic Journeys series – Swan

The proposal of this series is to explore the representational expressiveness of the graphic image starting from the observation of the surroundings where the artist lives, the region around Lake Léman in Switzerland, resulting in a series of prints essentially using the aquatint as a technique.

The main intention is to investigate the practice of observation, interpretation and representation of the environment, creating dialogs between the inner and outer worlds of the individual, moving freely between sensorial and symbolic contents, in order to activate the entire perceptual capacity during the creative act.

For this, the artist made the images in loco, adapting the technique to an external environment. Her idea was to make this material available, publishing it mainly in the region where the images were produced. Thus, she seeks to revitalise the principles and applications of the original history of printmaking, which was to popularise and allow access to several contents, considering all the expressive capacity of this language.

Regarding the choice of what to observe, Goeldi´s considerable interest is in the banal and ordinary things, details, landscapes, animals, objects and people she normally meets daily and to capture the monumentality of the ordinary, acquiring a symbolic repertoire coming from the commons and familiar places.

About the technique:
The aquatint is a chemical process of corrosion on the surface of a copper plate, resulting in a sort of sculpted tonal painting. In this case, the function of the technique is to create representative possibilities of the phenomenon of observation, being guided by the desire to establish dialogues and approximation with the lived world.

Courtesy of Galeria Gravura Brasileira, Sao Paulo, Brazil.