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Guest Curation: Art & Mathematics 2022

A curation of fine prints by Clifford Singer of iMuseum Vegas.


The process is the result. A fine art print is a demonstration of an idea represented through form, line, colour, and value; rarely has such harmony been brought together than in this exhibition of Art & Mathematics 2022. Historically, this exhibition was originally held at The Cooper Union, New York, NY in 2000 to which I was the organiser and curator. This is the 22nd anniversary of the exhibition. The familiarity of mathematical approach may be understood as wide ranging method whose rules are set by the artists themselves. Thus, the whole artistic enterprise is in concert with a view to the coherent shaping of the human environment and forms an aggregate of creative inventions serving the interests of the viewer. The results in some cases seem so simple that one is apt to forget the complex train of thought that lies behind them.