The ƒ/Ø (f-zero) Project is a printmaking and publishing studio established to rethink the nature of the photographic object, by starting again from the beginning. The aim is to marry the technologies of photographic history with artists from the contemporary world, giving them the opportunity to expand their vocabulary by working in a wider variety of photographic printmaking techniques. Built on the model of twentieth-century printmaking studios like Gemini or Tamarind, rather than that of a photo-lab, The ƒ/Ø Project collaborates with artists to make unique and editioned works.

As photographic technology has become more refined it has also become increasingly monolithic. Older technologies have often been abandoned when they still have the potential of offering a wider range of possibilities for artists. Using forgotten, abandoned and failed techniques rooted in history as a starting point, The ƒ/Ø Project is constantly experimenting to expand the idea of what a photograph can be in the contemporary world.

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Some of the artists available at f-zero Project