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A selection of prints that you can expect to see at the INK Miami Art Fair 2023.

Click on artworks for details and enquire directly with Haystack.

Soft Power, Alex Dodge
Trace, Heather Gwen Martin
Poached, Jeff Sonhouse
Flowers, Sarah Fairchild
Untitled, Steven Bindernagel
Unread Messages, Alex Dodge
Heights, Heather Gwen Martin
Hesper, Pamela Jorden
Wild, Sarah Fairchild
Chrysanthemum, Dion Johnson
Sitting Pretty, Derrick Adams
Weft, Heather Gwen Martin
Codependence, Jeff Sonhouse
Möbius Rising, Allison Zuckerman
No Way, Glen Baldridge
Accelerate, Dion Johnson

A bit about Haystack

At Haystack, we connect established and emerging collectors with established and emerging artists. We do this by commissioning, producing, and selling high-quality contemporary art editions. We believe art buying should be an accessible and enjoyable process of discovery—and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Discovering contemporary art like what you’ll find at Haystack is no small task. We hand-select and commission limited-edition art objects, providing you with access to art you won’t find anywhere else. Our curatorial team’s diverse, eclectic recommendations will boost your confidence as a collector and give you insider access into each of our artist’s creative processes.