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Island Press

A selection of prints that you can expect to see at the INK Miami Art Fair 2023.

Click on artworks for details and enquire directly with Island Press.

In the Desert: Mooning with Blue Flowers, Paula Wilson
Tracing Luminaries: Plate No. I26070 (Before the Novae Geminorum of 1903 & 1912), Erika Blumenfeld
Crafting a Consequential Narrative, Duane Slick
b and e, bARBER
In the Desert: Convergence, Paula Wilson
Tumbling Dialogue, Greely Myatt
Beware the Lap of Luxury, Diane Victor
Spaces of Subjection: Print (Part 1), Mokgosi
Untitled (two shirts), Nick Cave
Untitled (12 Grid), Benjamin Edmiston
Make Black, Shaun O'Dell
Pink Submerge, Shaun O'Dell
Bonsai, Hung Liu
Inverted Cave, The New York Times, Syjuco
Kotoku Sculpture, Nikko, Japan, 1985, David Nash
Whisker Prints (1A), Nina Katchadourian
Street Dog, David Humphrey
Force 2 (Flow), Leah Beeferman

A bit about Island Press

Island Press, established in 1978, is a research-based printmaking workshop and publisher committed to education and innovation in contemporary print editions and artist projects. Artists-in-residence work side by side with the master printer and students in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University. The result is high quality print editions of technical complexity created in a unique setting where artists and students share skill sets and ideas.