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A selection of prints that you can expect to see at the INK Miami Art Fair 2023.

Click on artworks for details and enquire directly with Mixografia.

Color Chart, Polly Apfelbaum
Square Patch Star, Polly Apfelbaum
Hot Comb Haint: Mona, Alison Saar
Confederate, Surrender, Sonya Clark
Desperado, Alex Israel
Not So Much Discoveries as Memories, Jacob Hashimoto
Gray Braid, Polly Apfelbaum
Stephen's Star, Polly Apfelbaum
Mirror, Mirror, Alison Saar
Professionally Dry Clean Only, Clothing Tag, Analia Saban
Stonehenge (With Two Persons) Violet, John Baldessari
Aggregation 12_JN_01, Kwang-Young Chun
Log Cabin, Polly Apfelbaum
Twinkle Twinkle, Polly Apfelbaum
La Curandera, Alison Saar
One Size Unique, 100% Cotton, Clothing Tag, Analia Saban
Sunset Nude with Yellow Tulips, Tom Wesselmann
Disk / II, Terry Winters

A bit about Mixografia

Mixografia specializes in publishing three-dimensional prints on handmade paper in close collaboration with artists. By employing a non-traditional approach, the workshop continues to expand the creative possibilities of contemporary printmaking.