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Stoney Road Press

A selection of prints that you can expect to see at the INK Miami Art Fair 2023.

Click on artworks for details and enquire directly with Stoney Road Press.

Persona, Diana Copperwhite
Kawaii E, Richard Gorman
Canada Geese East, Kelvin Mann
Untitled 2, Bernar Venet
oncoming 2, Elizabeth Magill
Stained Paper #3, James Earley
Moduli 225 No.2, Blaise Drummond
Varia – Grey, Brian Harte
Downpatrick Storm, Barbara Rae
The Cobbler, Bill Rock
Tower Of Uncertainty, Eilis O'Connell
Ellipse IV, Charles Arnoldi
Wavelet, Felim Egan
Synapse Arc (ii), Leah Hewson
Sufflo, Donald Teskey
Enter Six, Sean Scully
At Your Service, John Doherty
Tower Of Uncertainty, Eilis O'Connell

A bit about Stoney Road Press

Stoney Road Press is a fine art print studio that since 2001 has been collaborating with Ireland’s leading contemporary artists to produce limited-edition hand-made prints, books, sculptures and tapestries.


Based in Dublin, Stoney Road Press is an independently run, professional fine art print studio. It is also the only Irish member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association, a body committed to promoting the highest standards of quality, connoisseurship and appreciation of fine art prints. Combining traditional printing techniques with innovative digital technology, the studio is transformed for each different collaboration, producing a body of work that reflects the individual skill of each artist. In recent years the portfolio has expanded to include new work with international artists.