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Susan Teller Gallery

A selection of prints that you can expect to see at the INK Miami Art Fair 2023.

Click on artworks for details and enquire directly with Susan Teller Gallery.

(Abstraction, Nov., 53), Anne Ryan
Storage Tanks at Rondout, Albert Heckman
Birds and Animals in Landscape, Louis Schanker
Sunday Afternoon (also titled Sunday Evening), Michael J. Gallagher
Company Union - Flypaper of the Bosses, Ben Shahn
Three Sisters (Delancey Street, NYC), Harry Sternberg
(Woman with Sunlamp), William Baziotes
Strike (or Mine Strike), Thomas Hart Benton
Charlot, Dox Thrash
She Met the High School Principal, Peggy Bacon

A bit about Susan Teller Gallery

Mid-20th Century American Art featuring the New Deal Era, Modernism, and Surrealism.