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Connecting Galleries With Print Buyers And Collectors

The key to your gallery and inventory being known to print buyers and collectors is being associated with other leading print dealers and galleries. Printed Editions is the only platform that makes this not only attainable, but also in a cost effective way.

Printed Edition has been been connecting galleries and prints buyers and collectors since 2010.

Immediate Results

Being a member of Printed Editions yields several immediate results.

  • Feature Item 1

    Your online presence will significantly improve.

  • Feature Item 2

    Your profile will increase.

  • Feature Item 3

    You will be introduced to new collectors.

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    Your inventory will be more visible.

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    Your reputation will increase.

Minimal Investment Required

Galleries need to invest minimal resource into their membership.

Galleries self-manage their listings. 

Printed Editions will do the heavy lifting of promoting the inventory of galleries. 

Printed Editions can upload the artworks on behalf of the gallery.

Your Guarantee

Membership guarantees that your profile, client-base and online presence will significantly increase.

  • Feature Item 1

    Your gallery will be known by more collectors and more dealers.

  • Feature Item 2

    Your inventory will be known by more collectors and more dealers.

  • Feature Item 3

    Online search results for your inventory will significantly increase.

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    Collectors will enquire about your artworks.

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    Your client-base will grow.

The Value To You

Printed Editions will connect your gallery and inventory to collectors allowing you time to focus on your own sales and current events. 

Printed Editions will connect your gallery with collectors who have yet to know your gallery, the artists and artworks that you deal in.


Membership starts at only £139 per month with no commission on sales and no contractual tie-ins.

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