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Press Release

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5 March 2015

Fine Art Prints Dealer Helps Collectors Secure Rare and Collectable Prints and Editions

Gracing walls with fine art is made markedly easier thanks to a London based platform that allows browsers to source and purchase limited edition fine art prints direct from leading galleries across the globe. Encompassing works from historic greats and modern masters alike, Printed Editions is an invaluable online resource for lovers of fine art.

Launched in 2010, Printed Editions was borne from a desire to fill a gap in the market. While other limited edition print retailers did exist, none offered buyers the reassurance of dealing directly with galleries.

Michael Lieberman, Printed Editions founder said, “At the heart of Printed Editions is a desire to inspire collectors to purchase fine prints directly from leading galleries and publishers including New York’s Gemini G.E.L., London’s Sims Reed Gallery, Johannesburg’s The White House Gallery, Beverly Hills’ Revolver Gallery and Cologne’s Galerie Boisserée. I love art and through this service I hope to share some of the world’s most beautiful masterpieces with collectors from across the globe.”

The site is endorsed by 170 leading galleries from around the world, including New York’s Lower East Side Printshop, Long Island’s VanDeb Editions, Illinois’ Manneken Press and Colorado’s Oehme Graphics. Unlike other online art dealers Printed Editions also allows buyers to deal directly with galleries. This gives clients the complete peace of mind that they’re investing in 100% authentic prints sourced directly from the showcasing gallery.

Armed with professional experience in the art sector, the in-house team of Printed Editions curators has cherry picked a collection of over 28,000 artworks from 2400 artists. The selection includes a diverse range of works from throughout history. From Renaissance period painters such as Rembrandt and Dürer, modern masters such as Picasso, Matisse, Chagall and Miro and contemporary pioneers such as Warhol, Lichtenstein, Hockney, Hirst and Banksy.




Printed Editions is continually updating its collection with new prints sourced from a myriad of global galleries. Latest editions include Wayne Thiebaud’s ‘Gumball Machine’ from Miami’s Robert Fontaine Gallery, prints from Bert Stern’s ‘Marilyn Monroe: The Last Sitting Portfolio’ on display at New York’s RoGallery and Second Etching’ by Wassily Kandinsky from London’s Gilden’s Arts Gallery.

From its London headquarters Printed Editions sources limited edition prints, creates new gallery contacts and uploads available collections to the website. It also publishes regular blogs and newsletters which inform and educate collectors about the world of fine prints.

From private collectors to professional retailers, Printed Editions has helped a global portfolio of clients secure premium quality fine art prints.

Paul Stolper of London’s Paul Stolper Gallery said, “Printed Editions is a perfect showcase for us to highlight the prints that we publish.  It gives us a truly international reach that we not otherwise have, with new leads and enquiries received frequently.  The site is professional run, with constant and regular feedback, updates and prompts to continually improve performance.

To find out more about Printed Editions and browse the entire collection of limited edition fine art prints, visit the website at: http://www.printed-editions.com/

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